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Facilities & Services

A Library is the heart, mind and soul of an educational institution and a fountain-head of innovativeness, inspiration and insight both for the students and the faculty. Learning and library are to each as the light to the lamp. The library is housed in a spacious section of the College building. It has been systematically and steadily strengthened. It houses more then 1239 commendably classified Text books and Reference books, apart from a sizeable number of Research Journals and Magazines available in the Reading Room for the enhancement of the knowledge of the students.

Our computing infrastructure offers a truly various range of hardware and software platforms for the student to appreciate and gain wide-ranging experience. A classroom with about 11 desktop computers, a projection facility along with a multimedia laboratory is the other attraction. Access to high-speed printing including color printing is also available. Most of the classrooms are equipped with an instructional technology platform.

Scince Lab:
A well equipped spacious laboratory with working model to develop a scientific temples charts and specimen the lab is child friendly and provide a conduction environment it performance experiment and work on a projects. The institution has multiple sets of Science apparatus required to perform and demonstrate all. The experiments prescribed in the secondary and senior secondary classes. Chemicals etc. Are also available in the required quantity.

Seminar Hall & Class Room:
Well furnish and comedy with the audio, video, Mick, over head projector, blackboard.

Games & Other Activities:

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